Ability to deeply understand risk and manage risks

Our team’s extensive experience in storage + solar system, hardware and software engineering as well as site operations gives S3.ENERGY a unique paradigm for applications and systems analysis which allows us to uncover and optimize areas of marginal gains in overall returns and system health.


Proven analysis of revenues streams, valuation, and arbitrage

S3.ENERGY team members’ significant track record in structuring and closing energy infrastructure projects, including monetizing tax benefits, provides a proven engine to evaluate revenue streams and effects of key variables on IRR & EBITDA Yield.


Structural Analysis and Policy Foresight

Incomparable experience in the understanding of power purchase agreements, coverage ratios, and counter-party review ensure the quality of our diligence process. Additionally our understanding of the evolving policy framework allows S3.ENERGY to anticipate opportunities.

Technical Diligence

Systems Analysis: Critical review of hardware selection, systems design and integration, modeling results, energy management system controls philosophy and assumptions. 
Performance Analysis:  Qualify system performance estimates and challenge assumptions, algorithm audit including critical analysis of 3rd party performance verification reports. 
Application Analysis: Review system size and capacity design choices to ensure energy storage choices are appropriately matched to revenue streams, load behaviors and grid requirements. 

Financial Diligence

Revenue Analysis: Inspection of the revenues streams:Capacity payments, incentives programs,host payments, and ancillary revenues.

Financial Modeling: Detailed financial analysis of project & portfolio costs, revenues, and valuation.

Sensitivity and Risk Analysis: Analysis of the effects of changes in key variables on IRR & EBITDA Yield. Identification, analysis, & mitigation of risk factors throughout asset life.

Legal Diligence

Counterparty Review: Detailed analysis of balance sheet andcredit rating.

Warranty Review: Inspection of coverage levels and ability to & history of warrantor to pay liabilities.

Contract Review: Inspection of energy service agreements, PPAs, & lease agreement to ensure strength & financeability.